There are other photography set studios....then there is The Mill Photography Studio

A unique venue housing over 20 photography sets ready and waiting for you to take the best images you have ever taken.

For professional photographers, models and the amateurs alike, The Mill Photography Studio has everything to offer you.
For the professional photographer the opportunity to create some incredible images for all types of commercial purposes

For the professional model. Expand your portfolio to give you a strong variation of material to help you get your next assignment.

For the amateur photographer. Try your hand at different styles and practice your technique to get that perfect shot.

For the amateur model. Just have fun and let yourself go. Explore fantasies and escape for a while.

Every set has been painstakingly crafted with passion and love. With authentic antiques and a level of detail that you won't find in any other photography studio sets in the UK.

The Mill Photography studio welcomes all styles of photography and all people to come along and create something dazzling!

For the photographer, come along with your chosen model or models or if you like select from our wonderful male and female models that we can connect you with.

For the models out there, connect with our range of style-specific photographers or bring your own.

We can't wait to welcome you to our photography studio and see the expression on your face when you open the doors

Click below to take a closer look at each of our sets

How it works

Take a look at our wonderful sets and decide if the space will work for you

Grab yourself a model or a photographer (we have some wonderfully talented contacts that we can connect you with)

Select your ideal date

We will confirm and you are good to go

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